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PCVN’s Spider and Scorpion Guide for Consumers: Here you’ll find a fascinating overview of the lifestyle and characteristics of spiders and scorpions.  There is also important safety information here.

Steve Kutcher,  one of the spider wranglers for the movie “Arachnophobia”, handles some fascinating spiders and tarantulas in this unique demonstration.

Steve Kutcher,  one of the arachnid wranglers for the movie “Arachnophobia”, handles some dangerous scorpions in this one! Don’t try this at home!

PCVN’s Chipmunk Control Guide - Chipmunks can become pests in your garden. This short video gives you tips on their habits and lifestyle, as well as how to keep them out of your garden.

PCVN’s Beaver Control Guide - Beavers are wonderful animals, but they can also be very destructive. Here, we discuss beaver history and folklore, as well as showing sequences of professionals relocating a beaver colony.

PCVN's Guide to Squirrel Control - Squirrels are cute until they start causing damage to your home.  This short program helps you find answers to preventing squirrel damage.

The Power of Termites: We really underestimate termites - but they're really powerful - and we can learn a lot about life from them. We've got some nice footage of them in this video - just watch.

Be as Smart as a Goose - Give a goose a break! These are really amazing animals! People think they're dumb, but when you look at them, you find out they're really great - just watch the video to find out why...

PCVN's Guide to Raccoon Control Raccoons are really a lot of fun to watch, as their behavior can mirror that of humans. But they can also be destructive, so PCVN has put together some facts on how to discourage them from becoming house guests.

Bats Are Not So Bad...Bats get a bad rap - they're always seen as scary creatures in horror movies - but I like bats - and here's why...

Most Important Ride: "Ride for Kids" brings together tough guys, cops, and all kinds of people that love motocycles along with very ill children to raise money for research. It's a great program, there are funny moments, touching moments... oh, just watch the video - it will really get to you.

Use our Pest Control Footage in Your TV Commercial: In partnership with LowCostTVAds.com, you can use our extensive pest control footage library for your TV commercial or web video. Pricing starts at only $495 for a :30 sec commercial. Call 800-479-5636 or visit the website.